Nsyncs True Talent

Nsync: A True Talent in Music Here we go, the title of one of many Nsync songs, but it is also a term that cynics often use referring to the group. Here we go, another boy band, they all sound the same, etc., etc., etc. I admit that two years ago I agreed with the critics of this new boy band movement, in that they were trying to duplicate the success of groups such as New Kids on the Block and New Edition. Its a guaranteed money-maker, five good-looking guys, a trace of vocal talent, and some smooth dance moves equals domination of the music industry via the teen market. Nsync may fit into the stereotype of boy band / bubble-gum pop, but they have proven talents far beyond their competition in the genre. It all began for me in March of nine-teen ninety -eight. There was this new dance tune being played way too often by Portlands own Z100. I Want You Back was the first release off of Nsyncs self-titled debut album. From March through May of 98, Nsync performed at a string of radio station shows. They had not yet reached the success of a fellow Trans-Continental produced group, The Backstreet Boys. In June of 98 they recorded a special Disney show called Nsync Nconcert, thus beginning the craze of another successful boy band. Soon after the special aired they released their second single, Tearin Up My Heart. The audience that had not yet been won over by those two songs were soon captured by a sweet ballad, God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You. Personally, as cheesy as it may sound, it helped me through one of the toughest moments Ive had to deal with, my grandmothers death in November of 1998. God Must Have Spent…… in a way was a therapy to help me think of the good moments I had spent with her. After that release I was thankful to them for the way …

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