NursingModule 1:On returning f

NursingModule 1:On returning from your tea break you are met by several staff members who relate the following information to you concerning patients.I. Mrs Chew?s intravenous (IV) infusion has tissued, her IV fluids are running behind and she has missed her 14.00hrs IV antibiotic.II. Mr. Smith?s visitor has fainted.III. One of the staff toilet has blocked is overflowing and waste is pouring out rapidly.IV. Mr. Esposito is scheduled to leave the ward now for his cardiac catheterization and he has still not received his preoperative medication.V. One of the surgical consultants (VMO) is waiting to Discuss (check for the help you need) a medication error that happened last week.VI. As you taking this handover, an elderly female post-operative patient collapses to the floor and is unconscious. She has had facial surgery.The other RN is busy with NUM role. Staff currently available on the ward to assist you in addressing these issues include: ward clerk, an EnrolledNurse who is currently undertaking her IV cannulation certificate but is not yet competent, and an AIN ( ASSISTANT IN NURSING).? ACTIVITY:Using the above scenario:1. In order of priority, identify which tasks you yourself will undertake and which tasks you will delegate.2. Document your rationale in details.Module 2:Case study: Robert Hughes is a 52 years old male who was injured in a bicycle accident two months ago where he suffered fractures to his (R)tibia/fibula and (R) radius. Robert is intellectually impaired and was living with his elderly mother until the accident. Robert has been known toengage in verbally aggressive outbursts toward staff and other patients. His mother who is now 75 years of age feels she can no longer look afterRobert. You are the Nursing Unit Manager of the rehabilitation unit that is admitting Robert for his ongoing rehabilitation. You are required togather together a healthcare team to determine immediate and long term care options for Robert.Discuss (check for the help you need)ion following question:1. What are the key issues in this situation?2. Who would be included in the healthcare team and what role would they play?Module 3:Activity: you have been allocated 4 patients this afternoon shift commencing at 1300hrs. You have received handover for the following patients:Bed 1: A 45 year old female presented to ED with a haemothorax and had an ICC inserted. She arrived on the ward at 1230hrs. She has an IVC in-situ inher left antecubital, and currently has 100ml/hr of NaCl 0.9% running. She has a morphine PCA which she is using appropriately, and it has kept hersettled and pain free. She is on 3 doses prophylactic cephazolin 8 hourly, and she has received a doze in ED at 12hrs. There is an IDC in-situ, whichis draining 35 ml/hr, the urine appears cloudy. She will require a CXR in the morning, physio assessment, as well as a pain review by medical team.Diet and fluids as tolerated.Bed 2: A 23 year old male has been admitted with suspected cholecystectomy, and has been placed on the evening emergency theatre list. He iscomplaining of severe abdominal pain with a numerical pain score of 8/10. He has been fasting for 8 hours since he came to the ward this morning. Hehas no IV inserted, and has been prescribed PRN oral paracetamol and oxycodone for pain.Bed 3: A 17 year old male who is day 4 following a laparoscopic appendectomy with perforation, and is ready to be discharged home. He has been onPRN paracetamol and oxycodone, and has been prescribed amoxicillin and lactulose for use at home. His parents will pick him up at 1700hrs, once theyhave finished work.Bed 4: Dirty bed. A new patient is to come up from ED in 1 hour with abdominal pain of unknown origin. She has no relevant past medical history, andhas been booked in for abdominal ultrasound at 1600hrs. She is fasting and has not yet been prescribed any analgesia.Now you have received a handover, please complete the following tasks:1. Assess your patient?s needs and decide what tasks or nursing care need to be done.2. Draw up a shift planner with an hourly plan3. Prioritize these hourly tasks by doing the most important first.MODULE 4:You are a Registered Nurse on the afternoon shift on a short-stay (24 hours) surgical ward. One other RN, an EN and three AINs are also on duty. TheNUM is off sick and the other RN is acting as NUM as well as taking a patient load. The ward is full: there are 22 patients, 10 of whom went tosurgery in the morning, and 8 are going on your shift. Half of these a patients have Intravenous access and antibiotics at some time during yourshift.1. Using your knowledge of various patient allocation models (e.g. total patient care, team nursing and task allocation), outline how the staffmay be allocated to the patients. Consider what would be the best model of allocation in this instance and the scope of practice of the variousstaff.

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