obedience to authority

obedience to authorityCompose a well-developed argumentative essay in response to the following prompt. You must properly cite at least THREE DIFFERENT articles we have read in this unit in your response essay. The more you reference and use the articles correctly to back up your argument, the higher your grade will be.Based on our readings and the various experiments that we have read about, what are the main external forces that influence a person?s willingness to obey authority?Support your argument by using specific example scenarios and relevant quotes, summaries, and or paraphrases from our text. Please be sure to properly introduce and cite all relevant materials in your text according to MLA format. I DO expect a Works Cited page at the end of your essay. I do expect all in-text citations to be accurate and complete.If you are still unsure how to use in-text citations, look at the posted websites and text pages in previous folders.*Use only the articles that I posted in weeks four and five as your sources. Try to use a variety of quotes and paraphrases, but remember that even when you do not take the source?s direct words, you must still cite them.these readings are attached with the order but try to start reading them as the following:1- Obedience to Authority.pdf (425.029 KB)2- Opinions and Social Pressure.pdf (1.193 MB)3- The Perils of Obedience.pdf (1.923 MB)4- The Stanford Prison Experiment.pdf (2.058 MB)!

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