Observation of a ChildThis learning opportunity is designed to measure the following standards identified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) for students:? Candidate will know and demonstrate an understanding of young children?s characteristics and needs (Standard 1 a)? Candidate demonstrates knowledge and understanding of multiple influences on development and learning (Standard 1b)? Candidate demonstrates a knowledge of and use of observation, documentation, and other appropriate assessment tools and approaches (Standard 3b)In addition, the following supportive skill is measured:? Written communication is accurately analyzed(Supportive Skill 3)You will complete a 30-minute observation of a child or adolescent from 0-12 years for your portfolio (called a ?running record?). Please use the following guidelines:1. First, briefly describe how the child looks physically (age, size, etc.).2. Watch and write everything the child does for 10 minutes.Use direct quotes whenever possible if the child vocalizes or speaks.Record as much detail as possible. Leave out any judgmentor inferences fromthis section. Just record what you see andhear as objectively using as much description as possible.3. Watch for 10 minutes without writing. Record the gap in writingin your notes (for example, watched from 9:10-9:20 a.m.)4. Repeat step 1, watching and writing everything the child does for 10minutes.When writing up your observation to turn in, follow this format:1. Divide your paper in two columns. Label the left side ?Observation?and the right side ?Inferences?. Re-write (or type) the child?s speechand actions under the column, Observation.2. Write your interpretation of the child?s actions and speech in thecolumn marked Inferences. Use your text, class notes, and theDevelopmentally Appropriate Practices Handbook to help youinterpret which developmental levels the child has achieved.3. Write a thorough paragraph summarizing the main points of yourobservation. Summarize development in each of the domains forthe child: physical, cognitive, and social-emotional. If you are not ableto observe a particular domain, please state this in the summary. Statewhether or not you think the child is developing as would be expected forhis or her age.Be sure to proofread your work. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be factored into your grade. Please see the instructor if you have any questions. This assignment must betyped, using two columns. This learning opportunity is worth 15 points towards your portfolio grade and is due __________________.

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