Odysseus and Circes Meete

Odysseus and Circes Meeting Odysseus and his comrades arrive at the island of Aeaea, the home of the beautiful Circe, a formidable goddess, with a mortal womens voice. (Homer10.135-137). Following the transformation of Odysseuss crewmembers being turned into pigs. Odysseus travels through the forest towards Circes home, where he meets with Hermes, the god of the golden wand (275-276). During the meeting Hermes presents Odysseus with directions to help free his crewmembers of the magical spell and also get Circe on their side. Hermes also offers Odysseus a special herb to bypass Circes magic drink (303). Odysseus accepts the offering and proceeds on his way. Once Odysseus arrives at Circes wonderful door, he is greeted with a beautiful silver studded chair and stool for his feet (313-315). Circe prepares the magic drink for Odysseus. To Circes surprise, Odysseus drinks the magical potion and is not effected by the evil magic (317-319). Circe exclaims, I am amazed to see you take my drug and suffer no magic change. (327-328). Circe continues to inquire into Odysseuss past. However Odysseus does not offer many answers. Circe states that she was anticipating Odysseuss arrival and wished to learn of his great feats in life. Circe continues to speak, I am sure you are Odysseus, that resourceful man; the man whom the Giant-Killer with the golden wand always told me to expect here on his way back from Troy in his swift black ship. (330-334). Odysseus demands that Circe not play another mischievous game with him or his crewmembers. Circe agrees at once. Odysseus also asks for Circes aid in their travels back home. Circe obliges with Odysseuss demands (337-338). Odysseus and crew, remain at Circes home for the duration of an entire year, fasting on lavish quantities of meat and mellow wine. (467-469). Nearing the completion of the year, Odysseus and crew decide it is time to beg…

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