of mice and men2

Miller 1 Ashley Miller Ms.Williams Acc English 3 17 April 2000 The story Of Mice and Men is written by John Steinbeck. John Ernst Steinbeck was a California novelist, he attended Stanford University. Steinbeck worked at odd jobs(Oxford University 722). He started off writing short stories and romantics. Steinbecks fiction combines with realism and romance, but not always harmoniously( 722 ). Most of his stories settings were rural areas, where people live most happily when close to nature, but where malevolent forces, such as drought or labor and market conditions or human greed, destroy this vital relationship( 722 ). When Steinbeck is dealing with consequent problems he uses lyric and mystical, sometimes realistic and sociological ( 722 ). Some of the people didnt like him in the United Sates they criticismed him, but he remained popular and esteemed in Europe, and in the year when he published his account of a tour of 40 states, accompanied by his poodle, and Miller 2 Travels with Charley in Search of America in 1962( 722 ).Stienbeck was the seventh American-born author to win a Nobel Prize. Stein beck came to conclusion that man must take responsibility for his actions and that man is capable-however reluctantly-of accepting this responsibility ( French 78 ). Stienbecks first popular novel was Tortillia flat that got him started off on a pretty good track. The essential roles in the novel Of Mice and Men are the characters, setting and theme. They play important part in this novel. George is one of the main characters. He is a small and quick and dark face ( steinbeck, book notes ). George is a itinerant ranch-hand ( French 75 ). George is guy that acts like he is mean but really is kind- harded and nice in his on ways. He tak…

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