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The trailer for Office Space targets a mature audience of working people who are sick of their monotonous daily routines of going to their terrible jobs. This trailer really relates to men and women who sit in traffic have annoying bosses and go to jobs they hate. The mature audience of the movie would also enjoy the sarcasm used by the narrator in the trailer and comedic adult references. The trailer especially relates to people who understand the terrible aspects of working at a common job such as an office or a restaurant. The music in theOffice Space Analysis Office Space trailer keeps the tone of the movie light and comical showing that the movie is humorous and not a serious film. As the trailer begins a whistling tune is played in the background of the narrator?s words giving a somewhat sarcastic tone to the trailer. As the trailer continues a funky instrumental song plays in the background giving an upbeat feel to the movie. As the movie characters are talking the song stays quietly in the background but when the characters stop talking the music gets louder with lyrics enticing the audience to want to watch the film by having an exciting and fun vibe. The trailer starts by showing the main character Peter Gibbons sitting in standstill bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway. Annoyingly as Peter moves from one stopped lane to a different moving lane that lane suddenly stops and Peter has to slam on his breaks as multiple cars honk their horns. As Peter looks to the side of the road an elderly man with a walker slowly advances past the stopped cars on the congested highway. Any working individual who has tried to get to their job in a timely manner understands the frustration and anger that comes with sitting in traffic gridlock. Next the narrator of the Office Space trailer sarcastically introduces the movie by saying From the producers of Bevis and Butt-Head comes a movie about people who go to work who are part of a team who respect their boss?? while a whistling song plays in the background. While the narrator introduces the movie clips are shown of white-collar office workers standing around drearily listening to the manager and Peter ducking out of sight to avoid seeing his boss. Another scene is showed of a restaurant job with annoyingly over spirited coworkers and a weird and awkward boss. Men and women who can relate to any of these scenarios would be drawn to watch the movie because they could make a connection with the some of the agonizing aspects of employment. Workers get fed up with the every day frustrations of their job sometimes almost to the point of a personal or professional meltdown. Numerous people could agree that they?ve been there. Whether it?s the coworkers the environment or another aspect jobs can be infuriating. The trailer shows the extreme frustration of an office worker with the copy machine as he rips the paper aggressively out of the machine and has an irritated verbal rant. Another clip is shown of a frustrated restaurant worker Joanne who comes up short to an annoying coworker who happens to be the boss? favorite. The narrator of the trailer then says (about the people who go to work) and need to escape.? Peter states I don?t like my job and I don?t think I?m going to go anymore.? Unsatisfied working people can relate to this statement because so often they would rather just not go to work. At one point of the trailer Peter is in a meeting with two other men who state that Peter has been missing quite a bit of work lately.? To which Peter responds Well I wouldn?t say I?ve been missing it.? Anyone who dislikes their job would jump on the opportunity to just stop going to work and instead spend their days relaxing and doing what makes them happy which is what Peter decides to do in Office Space. How many office workers have the urge to just come in one day in their jeans knock down their cubicle wall and not do any work that day? Probably most everyone would if they didn?t need the job. The Office Space trailer shows what this wonderful experience would be like drawing in workers who would love the opportunity to act up at work. Peter states I?m thinking now it would be more fun to just get fired and I?ve always wondered what that would take.? In another clip as Peter?s jerk boss (Bill Lumbergh) tries to speak to him Peter just walks right by ignoring Lumbergh completely. The trailer shows how harsh and unfair the business industry can be. Two of Peter?s coworkers and friends Michael and Samir are going to be fired so that Lumbergh will make more money. Workers can relate to this scenario and it?s never a positive correlation. Many people despise the company after they a friend or a relative get laid off. Unhappy workers would love to get back at a company and that?s exactly what Peter Michael and Samir decide to do. The three friends devise a plan to download a virus into the company?s system that will rip off the company for a lot of money that the friends could keep for themselves. This clever plot would draw in a crowd of the working community that would particularly enjoy the idea of unsatisfied workers rebelling against their greedy boss. Overall this movie trailer appeals to people who understand the struggles of having a terrible job. The trailer also successfully targets people who appreciate mature comedy and sarcastic irony. Through sarcastic humor and corresponding music this trailer successfully engages the audience into wanting to see this film. Trailer leaves audience hanging as to how it will work out. 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