One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest

Danielle Checchi English Rough Draft One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest is written by; This book is about several patients in a mental hospital who succeed in realizing the harm it caused them by an under cover patient MCMurphy. While reading this book you will begin to realize that the power shifts from the nurse; Ms. Ratched to a patient named MCMurphy in many different ways. MCMurphy breaks the rules, sticks up for the patients, and shows them that they are like any body else living in the world. MCMurphy brakes the rules by taking all the patients out of the institution and taking them fishing for a day. This shows the patients that they can actually make choices for themselves. The patients did everything themselves with a little explanation from MCMurphy. This incident showed them to have a little more self-confidence in themselves. MCMurphy also sticks up for the patients. When patient Cheswick was throwing a tantrum because the nurse would not give him his cigarettes, MCMurphy walked over to the office window, broke it, reached inside, and handed Cheswick his cigarettes. Cheswick felt very thankful toward him. He is the kind of guy that will never do anything about his actions. That was until he felt what MCMurphy told him about believing in him self was true. After that he began to try and stick up for himself a little more often. MCMurphys way of trying to show the patients they are normal, was not a unique way because the things that the patients interacted in was a routine for most people. He would play basketball with them, and show them certain tricks or moves. Which adventually they patients accomplished: they were soon able to play like they actually knew what they were doing. He also watched football games with them. They would sit there and yell at the TV, smoke cigarettes, …

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