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Describe the existing situation in the community/area. Summarize the specific problems needs or opportunities to be addressed directly by the project. Existing Business flow (Flowchart). Area of Investigation This section of the research should give the reader enough information to be able to understand the background information and the importance of the research problem. It will often include a review of other people?s findings. If well written this section will explain your motive for undertaking the project and stimulate the reader. This should contain the purpose of the software the feature of the software and theOnline enrollment system general description of the modules to be included. If the software is a game describe the mechanics of the game as well. Scope ad the limitation of the proposed system. Reason for the Choice of Project Answers the question: Why is this software or hardware being created in the first place? If your research is based on the study of a specific problem the problem should be clearly stated or defined. While discussing the reasons for choosing this topic you may often want to show its relationship to the present problems. The best researches include a discussion of the relationship of the problem to the existing theories. Importance of the Study: Answers the question: Is there a practical need / use for this software product? It is where the significant contribution of the result of the study is enumerated. Such contribution may be viewed from the point of the target beneficiaries like the researcher himself service provider client society etc. It indicates who are the different groups of beneficiaries how will each group benefit from use of the study or software. Summarize the Educational Technological and Economical significance of the study. Describe the type and nature of the project and the factors (social structures politics economy weather sensitivity organization) that will affect this project when implemented. State the general and specific objectives of the project. Briefly describe what the project is all about and how it shall be implemented and managed and eventually sustained. Indicate what the project intends to do its expected outputs outcomes and impact on the environment poverty reduction and local empowerment of communities. Target User and Benificicaries: Who will be benefited on your project or studies? State it in specific or general forms. Software Development to be used: State or explain what software to be used and harware tobe use in your design projects. This should be specific statement so that the reader or your panel will understand the proposed project. Example: Software Development A. Notepad++ Notepad++ provides guides on coding. The program groups brackets of commands/functions and provides warnings when it detects a syntax error due to typing error. It also provides color code for text for simpler and faster recognition of codes. B. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) The main programming language to be used. Database Integration A. XAMMP (Cross Apache HTTP Server MySQL PHP Perl) XAMMP provides database services for locally saving information on a machine. This is to be used for catching or getting data to be used for the proposed system. B. SQL (Structured Query Language) Multimedia Development A. Photoshop CS6 One of the most commonly used bitmap editing software. This program will aid in the visual design of the proposed system. Photoshop provides a wide variety of tools for editing images without losing its resolution or quality.”

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