Op-EdFor this paper, you will

Op-EdFor this paper, you will write an Op-Ed related to your service learning project (Insight Garden Program) engagement for publication in a local, regional, national, or international newspaper. Each student in the group must compose their own individual Op-Ed for a different target publication than any other member in their group, Although you can make similar points, the editorials must be completely original.The Op-Ed should be 2.5-3 pages double-spaced. It should also take an explicit position, either for or against a policy, an activity, or some issue related to the community group you are working with. Target your position to the kind of publication you are targeting, so that, for example, an Op-Ed on a component of the Environment Justice Executive Order would best be placed in a national venue, like the New York Times. An Op-Ed on AB32 might target an important state newspaper (the SF Chronicle or LA Times). An Op-Ed could be aimed at a neighborhood paper in Oakland to make the case for or against a particular community intervention in Oakland.Suggested process & format (see http://www.nytimes.com/content/help/site/editorial/op-ed/op-ed.html for useful guidelines, and search for the equivalent instruction sheet for the publication you target.):1. Choose your target audience: Who is the Op-Ed aimed at, and in what publication are you hoping to publish it? (2 points)2. Outline the problem. How do you define the problem you are taking a position on? Why is it a problem? Why do many believe that the problem requires reform? Has the problem been getting worse? Is it likely to go away on its own? (2 points)3. Explain the proposed solution. Outline how the solution would operate and how it is intended to address the problem identified in the first part of your Op-Ed. (3 points)4. Then (5 points),a. If you favor the idea, you should further argue for it and explain why it is a solution to a critical problem. You should think of possible criticisms of your idea and then write a section preempting these criticisms. In other words, outline potential objections to your plan, but then explain why these criticisms are misguided or outweighed by the benefits of the idea.b. If you oppose the idea, you should argue against it and explain why it does not solve the problem that it is intended to address or causes even more problems. You should seriously consider potential benefits of the idea, but explain why the costs (not just economic) outweigh the benefits!

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