Order DescriptionThis job is a part of one assignment call ?Haiku Project?, I have uploaded the finished sample assignment to website. Please strictly follow the paper structure on that sample assignment. The 4 parts that you need to write are:1. The Research of Haiku2. The poets of Haiku3. 2 Examples of Haiku poems4. Research of coloursThe assignment require us to rewrite the project using our own words and with the examples of our own choice. So we can not use references on this sample paper, we need use other resources instead. Please include graphics and charts to complete the paper like the sample paper does.I have prepared the 2 examples of the haiku poems, please write your interpretation and thoughts about them in part 3. Which are:1. While moon setsAtop the treesLeaves cling to rain ?by Basho2. Spring rainUnder treesA crystal stream ?by BashoFor the Part four of the paper, we need to consider 2 elements to write about:1. Cultural case study: choose a colour that represents a certain culture and explain what you think it means. Then research what it actually means and then decide if your ideas of the colour culture is different.2. Favorite colour case study: explain why you like this colour then research and find out what it means and represents. Then Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need) whether it changed your opinion of this particular colour.The words count of your part of the assignment is no less than 1100 words. In-text references is needed in this assignment.

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