Order DescriptionYou can choose one or two films from the following films to write about: A Touch Of Sin(Jia Zhangke),Still life(directed by Zhangke Jia), Ju Dou(Yimou Zhang),Red Sorghum(Yimou Zhang) Farewel My concubine(Kaige Zhang), Yellow Earth(Kaige Zhang)Please provide an cinematic analysis(camera angle, movement,lighting,frame?) on the film/films you choose, but most importantly please include Chinese CULTURAL and HISTORICAL context within the analysis. you can talk about the fifth generation directors(Jia, Zhang, Chen)and how do they present Chinese culture and history on the screen, and why they present in its way.If you choose two films to write about, you can do a comparison or contrast between the two films.I will give you a link to our coursework website where you can access to the films i listed, you can also take a look at the articles our professor uploaded if this can help you develop a good thesis.Link is https://moodle2.brandeis.edu/course/view.php?id=1709,Username: yzhu16Password: 199278yaoyao

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