Organizaitonal Evaluation

INTRODUCTION All organizations are in way like machines. They consist of hundreds of working parts. In a machine, not all of these pieces always are working to the best of their ability. That is when the machines need to have an inspection to figure out a way to improve its productivity. This is exactly what an organizational communication system analysis does for an organization. The analysis examines the different members of the organization in the way that they fill roles, communicate with others, work together, etc This semester, the organizational communication class, under the supervision of Dr. Karen Ru*censored*, split up and each individually performed an organizational communication system analysis for different organizations. My analysis is for Eastern Kentucky University chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity. Before I began the profile, I first wanted to know about where the group came from. Sigma Pi Fraternity is a male social fraternity that was founded on February 26, 1897 in Indiana, on the campus of Vincennes University. The groups basic founding principle was to form an organization with moral strength. The fraternity continued to expand to other college campuses around the country, and approximately eighty-one years later, on April 22, 1978, it found a home for a chapter at Eastern Kentucky University. With this information in my possession, my next step was to collect my information. To collect the information, I attended two their meetings. Since Eastern Kentucky University does not allow fraternities to have houses, the organization meets in a large classroom on the second floor of the Combs building. The size of the room chosen told me their approximate size. As the members entered the room, I noticed that they were all dressed in slacks, shirts, and ties. This, along with the setup of the room lead me to believe that their fraternity held their meetings in a formal manner. At the begin…

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