Orlando novelCreate two lists or a chart that identifies the following (minimum of 5 examples of each). Include a briefdescription in your own words, along with the page number: ?TV?3. 5,, gg =r;?*ae. A f_?/ll 5.f.A ?#50 What are some m e traits Virginia Woolf uses to identify Orlando?0 What are some traits Woolf uses to identify Orlando?Your essay should answer the following two questions and should refer to specific passages to supportyour answer:0 To what extent (a lot, some, Very little, etc.) does,,Woolf identify differences between men andwomen as aresult of b1ologY (sex)? *r?ei?. as F/,5U{;L( v? C ?(A S F 5,?? ,5 13:? , 1.0 To what extent does Woolf seem to identify the differences as the result of a gender performancebased on the expectations of society (gender)? ???? 1? ??7?:.? ?? ? iTwo Definitions to Help YouGender = A socially constructed system of classification that ascribes qualities of masculinity andfemininity to people. Gender characteristics can change over time and are different between cultures.One?s sense of self as masculine or feminine regardless of external genitalia. Gender is often conflatedwith sex. This is inaccurate because sex refers to bodies and gender refers to personality characteristics.Words that refer to gender include: man, woman, transgender, masculine, feminine, and gender queer.E = Refers to a person based on their anatomy (external genitalia, chromosomes, and internalreproductive system). Sex terms are male, female, transsexual, and intersex. Sex is biological, althoughsocial Views and experiences of sex are cultural.For more definitions, go to:htt?sj::,?,~?;zeneG,.berl

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