page paper in which you: APA Standards

3 page paper in which you: APA Standards1.Describe the changes you have seen in your perceptions of and reactions to interactions with other cultures. Use your Week 2 Assignment paper and the BASIC and D-I-E tools as the basis of your response.2.Explain two or three key elements that you have learned about yourself and your culture. In addition to these elements, identify the strengths you have noticed about your communication with other cultures as well as the areas in which you eed to work to become more interculturally competent.My culture is Southern United States.3.Using the example you brought to mind in the ?To Prepare? section above, describe how you have already been able to apply knowledge gained from this course in a real-world experience.4.Considering your personal and professional life, articulate how you might use your knowledge of intercultural communication to be an effective communicator across cultures. Define the challenges that you may face when you interact with other cultures in the future, and anticipate how you might overcome these challenges.5.Conclude by summarizing how your learning from this course, your experiences, interacting with other cultures, and the concept of how being interculturally competent will benefit your community and society in an increasingly globalized, multicultural context.

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