Paper instructions: Introdu

Paper instructions: Introduction: You need to introduce your paper in a way that contextualizes your specific issue. Try using one of the introduction strategies we Discuss (check for the help you need)ed in class earlier. Claim of policy: Your claim of policy needs to suggest that someone (the government, the general reader, etc.) take a series of steps or actions to adopt a stricter or looser policy regarding some aspect of the immigration issue. The claim should include a roadmap of evidence that you plan to use to support your claim of policy, and it should also include stakes. Supporting paragraphs: Paragraphs should being with your claim, which you then support with evidence and analysis that explains why this step or action is so important to your stakeholders. Evaluation Criteria Do you give enough context for your issue? Does your essay make clear what the problem is, who the problem impacts, (10 pts) Do propose a claim of policy that seeks to solve the problem? Does your claim of policy include a claim, a list of solutions, and a clear articulation of the stakes of your argument? (10 pts.) Using sufficient, relevant information from at least three sources, do you Discuss (check for the help you need) and analyze a series of steps or actions that might solve your problem? (20 pts) Is your essay well organized and free of grammatical errors and plagiarism? Is your essay properly formatted (double-spaced, descriptive title, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins all around, word count listed)? Are your sources cited in proper MLA format? (10 pts) sources: (TO SEE THESE SOURCES, YOU NEED STUDENT #ID AND LAST NAME: 958010259, LAST NAME: NGUYEN)

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