Paper instructions: Reflect

Paper instructions: Reflective Essay. 500-550 words maxim. Must include in-text references and reference list ,Total of 6 References. Preferred font for assignments is Arial, 11 point, or Times New Roman 12 point. You need to cover 2 different topics in your essay: Week 4B: In international marketing the term ?think global, act local? is often used. Is it possible to ?think global and act local?? Discuss (check for the help you need). Week 6A: What is the main argument in Ted Levitt?s (1983) article? Do you think Ted Levitt?s predictions about the globalisation of markets written in 1983 have come true today? Internal Information provided: For Week 4B you have to read (Attachment) PDF File For Week 6A you have to read (Attachment 5) PDF File In addition, you have to do a research and include both internal/external information and also mention your opinions for both topics.

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