Paper instructions:In a 2001 e

Paper instructions:In a 2001 essay inspired by that year?s United Nations Conference on racism, Octavia Butlerstated her position on the issue of tolerance and oppression:What can we do to improve ourselves? Of course, we can resist acting on our nastierhierarchical tendencies. Most of us do that most of the time already. And we can make a greatereffort to teach children to resist their hierarchical impulses and beliefs and to channel what theycan?t resist into sports and careers. Will this work? Well, it hasn?t so far. Too many people willnot, perhaps cannot, do it. There is, unfortunately, satisfaction to be enjoyed in feeling superiorto other people?.Tolerance, like any aspect of peace is forever a work in progress, nevercompleted, and, if we?re as intelligent as we like to think we are, never abandoned. (?Un RacismConference?)In an essay of 400-500 words, consider how the thoughts Butler expresses in the above excerptcan or cannot be connected to the novel you read. s

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