Paper instructions:The Researc

Paper instructions:The Research Paper must include:-Brief summary (1 or 2 paragraphs, not more than 1 page).-Table of content.-Introduction (statement of the thesis)-Main body of the paper (explaining why the thesis is true or worthy)-Conclusion-Works Cited (Select bibliography. At least 15 sources. Out of these only 5 can be Internet sources.)-Annexes (if any)*My class book is A World of Nations by William R. Keylor Second Edition.The Cold War.? Introduction:I. What: The cold war was a period in history that took place from when II World War ended in 1945 to 1991 when the URSS disappeared.II. How: The non-direct conflict was between the capitalist leaders, USA. Against the communist leaders, URRS.III. Why: Their plan was to extend their ideology in the world.IV. Causes: There were many causes. For example: After II World War ended and Hitler was announced dead, there was no reason to keep fighting, so capitalism andcommunism became the new causes.V. Other: Truman DoctrineVI. Other: Marshall Plan.VII. Etc?? The structure of the research paper: Stages of the WarCreate the thesis statement, and maybe do a different outline that will fit for the thesis statement explanation.I. Period of tension 1947-1956.a) Berlin 1948-1949.b) The war in Koreac) Etc?II. 1956-1977 Both were in search of understanding.a) Berlin wall.b) Missiles in Cuba.c) War in Vietnamd) Etc?III. Cold war intensifyinga) URSS invasionsb) Promote anticommunism.c) Star Warsd) Etc?IV. End of cold War 1985-1991.? Conclusion:I. Consequences:a) Politics.b) Economics.c) Berlin Wall.d) Etc?e) Mention the thesis statement.

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