Pearl S Buck

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck was born on June 26, 1892, in Hillsboro, West Virginia. She was born while her parents, Absalom and Caroline Sydenstricker, were on a leave from their mission in China. She was the fourth child in her family and was one of only three of the Sydenstrickers children who reached adulthood (Conn 1). After three months in the United States, Buck returned to China with her parents. Buck would spend a great portion of her life in China and would use her knowledge and her personal experiences to write great novels. Some of these novels, such as her most famous, The Good Earth, focused on Chinese customs and on the Chinese way of life (Lutz 113). Buck was raised in her home. Her parents hired Chinese tutors to educate her. She was very familiar with the Bible, traditional Chinese sagas and author, Charles Dickens. Buck was amazed at Dickens phenomenal writing techniques. She was very impressed with the method Dickens used in developing his characters. Later she would use Dickens techniques to develop her own characters. (113). A greatest influence on Buck was her strong mother, Caroline. Caroline constantly encouraged Pearl to do her best in school. She often had Pearl do outside writings along with those required for her schoolwork. Her mother convinced her to submit her works to be published. Thanks to Caroline, the world was able to catch a small glimpse of a soon to be great American writer in The Shanghai Mercury. (Conn 1). Buck led an exciting life too. In 1900 Buck and her family had to flee for their lives. They fled because of the Boxer Rebellion, a time in China when many white families were murdered. She spent a year in Shanghai away from the Boxer Rebellion as a refugee. The Bucks had to flee for their lives once again in 1926. A neighbor of the Bucks hid them from danger and then after an American and British warship arrived, they we…

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