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I am 24 years old and married to my husband Paul we live in Maybole in a two bedroom cottage. I left school at 16 with standard grade level English maths history French and music. My first job was in a nursing home it was then I realised how much I enjoyed working in care and caring for people. I worked in the nursing home for 2 years then left to be an activity?s co-ordinator in a day care centre in Prestwick where I would plan daily activity?s and outings for clients who came for respite day-care thePersonal development planning centre sadly closed down after 3 years. I found a part time job in a local pub but I didn?t enjoy it as much as caring I worked in the pub for 2 years until I found a job working for a homecare company I enjoyed but found the hours unsociable it was then I decided to apply for college. I applied for N.C social care and was placed on the reserved list due to the course being full then a week after the course started I got a phone call to start. I attended college from September to june working threw my course studying and passed all my exams. I also attended a work placement at Hansel village respite cabin which I enjoys working with the clients as id never worked with adults with learning difficulties. I was offered a permanent job with Hansel after I left but sadly couldn?t take the job offer up as I had applied to do HNC and Hansel could only offer me 30 hours per week. Whilst doing my NC I enjoyed the subject mental health and decided then that I would like to become a mental health nurse. My hopes are that I graduate with my HNC and can apply to university and get a degree. Step 2: Broad objective ? where am I going next? Whilst completing this unit in Personal Development Planning I have opted to focus on the following area of development my ability to write reports and essays having done an N.C in social care last year I had to do a few reports and essays and realised that I don?t structure them properly this is something I need to practice and develop my skills and abilities in doing this. I would like to progress and graduate from college with my HNC in social care and apply to university of the west of Scotland and do a degree in mental health nursing and work in a psychiatric hospital. Further development of core/key skills Step 3: Self appraisal Personal skills qualities and contexts Core skill Evaluation Evidence to support evaluation Communication Good When doing an NC in social care one of the tasks I had to do was a presentation in front of the class I became really nervous and didn?t make a lot of eye contact. This is something I would like to work at and concentrate on in the future when delivering presentations. Numeracy Poor Numeracy was apart of my NC course last year and I failed two attempts at an exam working out percentages and doing box plots but I find with extra studying and breaking it down I can complete some numeracy tasks. IT Average I received a standard grade for admin at school this gave me some knowledge on IT skills. On my college course last year I done IT at a higher level where I was shown how to use different search engines and how to type up reports essays and save my work. Problem solving Poor When faced with situations I tend to panic rather than look for solutions to resolve problems. I feel this is something I can develop in. Working with others Good Threw my recent jobs as a carer bar maid activity?s coordinator I have had to work as part of a team to deliver my work and do the best in my job. I also work with others at college to do research on my subjects this is something I enjoy doing. Personal qualities I am a hard working reliable individual. With an NC in social care this has given me a wide knowledge of sociology psychology and helped me realise my own personal values and principles. I have developed my caring practical skills threw working in in many different care aspects and work placements. I am an honest and trustworthy person who enjoys working as part of team and also on my own initiative. Knowledge and understanding I have a wide knowledge of care and an understanding of my own personal values and principles that I try and introduce when caring for individuals with different needs. I also have a basic knowledge of sociology and try to have an understanding in which way society works. And my basic knowledge of psychology helps me understand peoples behaviours. Technical skills I feel my technical skills can be worked on and developed threw out this course. Threw work and work placements I have a basic knowledge on moving and handling. I also have basic computing skills. Contexts other factors to consider Step 4: Setting personal objectives Personal objectives ? prior to interview with tutor Short-term (this year) I hope to pass my course and gain my HNC in social care. I also hope to gain knowledge and develop new skills threw out the year in all aspects of social care and on college work placement. Medium-term (next year) I hope to be able to apply to university and have enough qualifications and skills and to be able to stay focused on my work and my short and long term goals to be achievable. Long-term I hope to have gained a degree in mental health nursing and be in a job I enjoy doing that helps me stay motivated.”

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