Personal effectiveness project

Personal effectiveness projectYou are a Human Resource (HR) Officer who has been tasked by your HR Manager to review a staff member who will be working as a part of a project team. You are required to report on how this staff member is likely to contribute to a team environment given their own unique combinationof characteristics and behaviours.You will produce a report that clearly outlines the nature of the individual staff member and howtheir behaviours and predispositions will affect an undefined team of four project members. Yourreport will contain strong recommendations for the HR Manager to act upon, ensuring theteam and the individual perform harmoniously and optimally.This scenario does require some out of body thinking. For this scenario, you are the HR Officerreporting on a staff member. However, the staff member you will be reporting on is based on yourown results of the indicator instruments that you will complete. That is, you will be reporting on yourself, but in the report you will refer to yourself in the third person as Subject A or by any othername other than your own, writing the report directly to the HR Manager.create a project scenario of your choice and select the tasks that the staffmember should be assigned. For example: your setting may be a small accounting firm whereSubject A is working on a market expansion project; or perhaps your setting is a large corporatelaw firm where Subject A is a Public Relations Officer working with a team of Lawyers who aredeveloping a crisis management plan. You can be creative with your scenario and it is entirely upto you.Credibility in the eyes of the reader is an important element to establish with this report. This will increase persuasion and likelihood that your recommendations will be adopted. In this report, you must include a literature review to build credibility for your report in the eyes of reader, the HR Manager, the details of which are outlined below.!

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