personality and problems

Problems and Personality Auroras virginity has been stolen. Her brothers are expected to get revenge. This is a major life problem. Her brothers are expected to kill for revenge. This is a solution to this major life problem (Marquez 37). Will they kill the man who took her sisters virginity? How the Sandoval brothers decide to solve this problem describes who they are. Just like how anyones solution to his or her problem describes who he or she is. A major life problem is a conflict whether it is internal or external that will impact someones life in a major way. This differs from an everyday conflict in that any solution to this conflict will ultimately lead to the same end result with out affecting anyones life in a major way. What one has to worry about is the tendency for everyday conflicts to turn into major life problems. In accordance with Nathan Amy, the way that many conflicts are turned into major life problems is that a small everyday conflict is blown way out of proportion and turned into a big problem (21). This could happen in many different situations. An example might be at a home where a teenagers dislike towards his mothers cooking is seen as a minor conflict. This minor conflict can easily be turned into a major life problem simply by having the mother believe that because her son does not appreciate her cooking that he must also not appreciate anything else that she does for him. This can then escalade and when another minor conflict occurs between them that might just be enough for the mother to get tiered of her ungrateful son and she might end up kicking him out of the house. Or the teenager can get tiered of the situation and decide to leave. Now both of these two results are major life problems. Another example of the transformation of a small problem into a major life problem is a persons conflict with society. A boy that seems to be slightly deformed, comes in daily co…

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