Persuasion and the power

1. Persuasion and the powerA simple definition of power is the ability to influenceanother. According to that definition power is everpresent, even if diffuse. When it comes to beingpersuasive that power becomes focused aroundspecific actions or understandings. One of the primaryfeatures of professional communication, from memos toad campaigns, is to persuade the recipient of someunderstanding or necessary program of action. Givenwhat you have learned from our readings, what haveyou learned about maximizing your persuasivecommunication abilities? How would you apply it to areal case?2 PAGES PLUS REFERENCES2. Persuasion or manipulation?The issue of persuasion is a very difficult one from anethical point of view. One person?s reasonable andmoral persuasion is another person?s immoralmanipulation. As you explore the issue of persuasioncan you identify a situation where persuasion crossedthe line and became manipulation? How do you decidewhen persuasion becomes manipulation? What are theindicators that someone has gone too far?ONE PAGE PLUS REFERENCES.

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