Persuasive Infomercial

Persuasive Infomercialpick a product, invention, or service that you want to sell. This cannot be an existing product or service.Persuasive InfomercialTopic: pick a product, invention, or service that you want to sell. This cannot be an existing product or service. Be creative!Elements: I must be able to easily identify the following elements of persuasion:1. Central processing/logos: you must share some facts and evidence. This can be completely made up or it can be real.2. Peripheral/pathos: you need to appeal to my emotional side of decision making.3. You must also verbally display your credibility/ethos.4. I must be able to see all 5 steps of Monroe?s Motivated Sequence (as outlined in the video)Persuasive Infomercial Delivering a persuasive speech is entirely different from delivering an informative speech. During an informative speech you are not required to convince or alter anyone?s point of view. However, when you deliver a persuasive speech, the sole aim is to convince listeners that they should accept your way of thinking. Influence is a major goal of a persuasive speech. Simply put, a persuasive speech explains why listeners should or should not do something and why they should believe the perspective of the speaker.The details for this assignment are above in the Infomercial Assignment file.HOW Part 1: InfluenceWatch this videoHOW Part 2: ArgumentYou will also need to construct your arguments into one of three types of claims: Fact, Value or Policy.1. Fact: Claim that something is true/untrue, exists or doesn?t exist.2. Value: Claim that something is better/worse, good/bad, right/wrong.3. Policy: Claim that a rule/regulation or policy should be changed/altered/modified.HOW Part 3: Avoid Fallacies.!

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