Philosophy of Human Nature

Philosophy of Human NaturePaper instructions:1. Which of the philosophers that we studied do you think has the best account of the relationship between human happiness and misfortune? Justify your answer in part by showing why your choice is superior to at least two of the other philosophers? views.2. Does an adequate account of human nature need to make reference to a supernatural end? Justify your answer in part by showing why it is superior to that of at least two of the philosophers we have studied who disagree with you. Make sure that you offer a philosophical justification for your answer.3. Which of the philosophers that we have studied offered the best account of justice? Justify your answer in part by showing that your philosopher?s answer is superior to that of his rivals.4. How should the fact of human evil affect our view of human nature and our ability to achieve happiness? Is the universe ultimately morally absurd, or must/does justice win out in the end? Construct your answer with specific reference to at least two of the philosophers that we have studied, and be sure to offer a philosophical defense of your position.NOTES from the professor:Note1: for essay question one, Glaucon and Adeimantus are not to be considered ?philosophers;? if you wish to defend Plato, you must consider the thinkers who follow him including Epictetus, Aristotle, and the Christians.Note2: treat the Christian thinkers (St. Paul, St. Augustine, & St. Thomas) as ?one? philosopher for purposes of understanding the term ?philosopher? in this exam.Note3: on the questions which might be answered with a religious solution, note that I have specifically required a philosophical solution. Religious truth may be a part of the solution, but it must be explicated and to some degree justified philosophically. If you have any questions about this requirement, be sure to ask me in advance of the exam due date.Note4: in a number of the questions I have required you to justify your answer ?in part? by consideration and contrast with the views of other philosophers. This is not to suggest that merely explaining that you disagree with someone else constitutes an adequate justification for your view. So, be sure to offer a solid argument for your position in addition to answering any objections from other philosophers.Note5: regardless of which question you choose to answer, you must cite the original primary sources, not just the chapters in the course textbook, Philosophy of Human Nature.Note6: be sure to employ footnotes for all documentation and annotation.!

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