Photography Thinking

Topic: Photography Thinking? The file I attached ?barbosa? is the exegesis sample, the format for figures, reference and bibliography.? I need to receive some writing September 8 or 9,2012 (Australian Time), doesn?t matter how many words.? a 5000 words draft before September 13, 2015, it doesn?t have to be edited? Complete exegesis is needed before October 10, 2015, in case there is any changes needed before the submission date.Other than that I will need to receive some writing every week.This is an exegesis, which the writing will be included someexplanations and background of my photography work, so it will be good if i can actually communicate and chat with thewriter.I will also attach some of my own photography work in fashion and some snapshot using iphone, and the writer needs toexplain and reflect on it and why it is related to photography thinking.I am researching thinking like a photographer ? need exactly what aspects of thinking like a photographer. More theoreticalworks that inform the research. How (trained/professional/good) photographers take good photos ? and ?think like aphotographer? no matter what tools they use; high end or happy snap. My research will be also about my own practice (and my?photographer?s eye) allow me to use any tools in order to produce work ? that is my capacity to ?think like a photographer?that is the important part. My research question becomes ?what is it to think like a photographer? and more to the point whatis to think like me. By using reflective practice. I produce work as I am doing now and I reflect on that work, what was itlike to take the photos, how did it feel, what worked? what didnt work? when did it start working, how did the ideas come?when did the ideas come etc.I use myself as a research subject and do my research through myself., about myself and my practice as a photographer.Things that needed to be included:some fashion contemporary of them will Mika Ninagawa. Some theorist, practitioners (Ansel Adam, SusanSontag, etc)Tacit Knowledge by Michael Polanyi.iPhoneography, phone cameras.PHOTOGRAPHY THINKINGBackground, in my practice as a photographer, there is a distinction between my ?slow? and my ?fast? photography. The slowconsists of my professional fashion photography, but also include my lomography. The fast includes my use of iPhone camera(iPhoneography) like Instagram app. My research question is investigate how each of these relate to each other in myphotographic practice. For example does slow always mean ?careful? and does fast always mean ?informal? and ?carefree?. Oranother way to think about it, when you work ?quickly? or ?informally? how much do you ?think like a photographer? ? Whatdoes it mean to ?think like a photographer? ? What is photography thinking ?Theory:In this chapter I will argue that photography thinking is always exist no matter which format the photographers are using(both conventional and digital). Even photographers whose work is largely characterised by simple subjects or objects,reflecting their everyday life captured with a point-and-shoot aesthetic, still ?think like a photographer?.Photography thinking ? not only techniques that matters but also has to be a personal expression of the photographer?sartistic vision.Photography thinking includes how photographers think and express the mood and feeling of it.Making:In my professional fashion photography and iPhoneography (informal and fast), there is a relationship. Both need more ?seing?in an intense way.We must: Search, study the subjects/objects, interact, put them together in the end to create imagery.I am going to make a series of photographs, consists both of my professional photography and the iphone format photography(even do a fashion shoot using Instagram with the professional team).I am making it like this because with the recent explosion of photography and digital, there are a lot of people that intuitphotography in my discipline (Fashion) is aided by beauty subjects who strut while showing the latest products. In fact, inmy opinion the purpose of my images are not only to sell or show products but to create a piece of imagery that is art. Alsoto show photography thinking is applied of what I am doing both professionally and informally. It is not only taking a shotbut creating an art.Define the process, methods, relationship that happening in my photograph that show ?to think like a photographer?. Focusingon the relationship between the photographic thinking and the images.Why:My project will show and explain the importance of the photography thinking (consist of the process, methods, interaction andrelationship of the photographers and the subjects/objects).To approach that photographers consider the possibilities beyond the technical aspect

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