Physical Geography

Paper instructions: Paper instructions: In the past few weeks we have moved from the study of weather and climatology, to the study of geomorpholgy, and the study of the formation of the landscapesthat exist everywhere. These are shaped by both internal and external factors forming the current landscape. I would like you to write a report on the geomorphology around areas where you live, or areas you have visited. Try to give four or five different examples andexplain what shaped the landscape ? internal or external factors, and for external shaping what was the predominant force (wind, river, ocean etc.). Also indicatewhether aggradation or degradation was dominant. I LIVE IN COTTAGE GROVE, OREGON. PLEASE DO SEARCH FOR THIS AND SURROUNDING AREA FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT This assignment is somewhat free-form but I want you to begin thinking critically and using what you have learned, applying it to analyze the world around you. Useheadings to identify what geomorphological process you are Discuss (check for the help you need)ing, explain where it i,s as well as how you believe it was formed. Remember that since you willnot neccessarily have potographs to include in your text so you will have to write a description that allows me to form a mental picture of the landscape. Around 1000words.

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