Piano and Drums? poem by Gabriel Okara Essay Help

Commentary ? Piano and Drums by Gabriel Okara In Gabriel Okara?s poem Piano and Drums? Okara expresses his feelings and thoughts of a primitive society in contrast to a western society. Being an African himself and having studied in a western society the poem reflects the confusion in his emotions as well as the loss of self-identity. The title of the poem itself Piano and Drums? displays a sense of dissimilarity and contrast as the instruments are so unalike in terms of sophistication. Throughout the entire poem Okara incorporates the instruments to further express through music how the speakerPiano and Drums? poem by Gabriel Okara is feeling. By using well-structured stanzas and poetic devices such as imagery symbolism sensory detail personification and diction Okara is able to immerse the readers into the difficulties of cultural conflict and the confusion of a person in the midst of the two contrasting societies. Throughout the progression of the poem there is a constant use of images to assist in displaying Okara?s conflicting emotions about the two separate worlds. Poetic devices Some of the most important poetic devices utilized in this poem by Okara are imagery symbolism sensory detail personification and diction Figures of speech The themes Piano and Drums is a poem which basically themed and created by two different and opposing culture in the poem the piano culture and drums culture which suggested by the poet whenThe culture of drums is straight forward and direct and this just like the world and culture in the ancient years which before civilization. People do not hide their real selves showing and communicate without pretending as well as showing what they really are in the wordings ?raw? ?primal? and ?rugged?. They call out for danger by beating drums as to warn others although the world is competitive.”

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