John Conlan is a main character in the book The Pigman. He doesn’t act, think and have a social reputation as many people might think. He is a sophomore in high school. He is about six feet tall and has blue eyes. He has long brown hair, he’s skinny and many people think he is handsome. His eyes are large and they are the kind that stares right into you. John drinks and smokes more than anybody, (John’s best friend, Lorraine thinks). He also curses way too much in Lorraines eyes. She thinks he acts bad because he craves attention because his family really doesn’t care about him. He once as a freshman was nicknamed the bathroom bomber because he set off bombs that would explode and go every where in the boys bathroom. Once he got over that he organized a fruit roll. On Wednesdays was when at his school they sold small rotten apple, he would tell everyone to buy one and in the class when he gave the signal everyone would roll their apples toward the teacher. John doesn’t like school all that much he gets very bored and never wants to go. John is not at all compassionate except for when he is around Lorraine. He doesn’t care about how much he smokes and drinks. John is the kind of kid who doesn’t care about anything and won’t mind taking money or items that he shouldn’t have. Lorraine believes that John has compassion deep inside of him. She also believes that John family is the source problem of all his problems. Most people think he is all trouble. Many people realize that he drinks and smokes too much for his age. John has a couple problems with how he acts, how he feels and what other people think about him. We will see if throughout the book any of those problems become resolved and John becomes a better person because of that. …

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