Platos Republic

In Platos Apology, Socrates was tried and executed for, in my opinion, doing nothing wrong. Socrates did not deserve to be put to death as a punishment for being himself and trying to learn from others. If I were on the jury for Socrates trial, I definitely would vote to acquit Socrates, since he was not guilty of any of the accusations he was tried for. He definitely did not deserve to be executed for, in his words, trying to find the truth. Socrates was accused of three different things. The first accusation against him was that he was studying things above the sky and below the earth. This is a complete fallacy because Socrates had no interest in studying these things, he studied moral issues and human behavior. This is what he was always looking to learn about, so its strange that he was accused of studying things above the sky and below the earth. He was also accused of teaching corrupt things to the young. This is also a mixed up accusation, because Socrates didnt teach anyone, he liked to learn from others. The final accusation was that Socrates took bad arguments and made them stronger. If you ever had a conversation with Socrates, the last thing he did to an argument made by someone else was to make their argument stronger. Socrates normally would make arguments made by others worse, not stronger. The reason I would choose to acquit Socrates is that every accusation against him proves to be false. There is only one reason that I would vote to convict Socrates, and that is because there was so much slander going around about him during this time period. I think if I had heard as many rumors as the jurors had then it would be hard to make the right decision about Socrates in this case. All of the jurors already had set ideas in their heads about him, and I think this is why the judgement in his case was so hard to make. …

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