Playing games teaches us about life Essay Help

People find themselves playing games throughout their entire lives. Games are essential to both children and adults since they teach people about life in a variety of ways. By playing games we can set our future dreams reflect on our personal traits and learn life-long morals. First children can determine their future goals through playing games. For instance a girl with childhood memories of dressing up her dolls or designing doll clothes with paper may choose to become a fashion designer. Likewise a soldier can state his reason for joining the army as the shooting games he playedPlaying games teaches us about life as a young child. In both cases the role of games extends from mere entertainment to a major contributing factor of one?s future dreams. Second while playing games people are given the chance to reflect on their characteristics. To be more specific one can evaluate their sportsmanship and teamwork while playing a soccer game both of which play an important role in succeeding later in life. Moreover games make it possible for others to comment on your personal traits which can promote healthy and good behavior in your relationships with people. Last games teach people life long morals. A simple board game can teach someone to gracefully accept defeat learn that cheating should be avoided and enjoy the taste of victory when won fair and square. All of these morals end up playing a significant role in how we think and act in society. In conclusion playing games teaches us about life in various ways. Playing games provides guidance in setting our future goals allows people to reflect on personal characteristics and teach life long morals that contribute to a person?s success in society.”

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