Carpe Diem In the poem “Do not go gentle into that good night,” by Dylan Thomas, he addresses the issue of “carpe diem” – to seize the day-in a very determined way. The author describes to the reader a series of examples of why a person should fight for the right to “live” life to the fullest, each and everyday. The sense of blazing determination and fierce motivation to live life to the fullest is shown to the reader by the author’s use repetition and structure, diction, and imagery of fire elements. Throughout the whole poem, it reiterates to the reader the importance of just one day the authors use of his repetition and structure. The first line of the poem is “Do not go gentle into that good night” as it is the title. It is also repeated as the last sentence of the second, forth and second to the last sentence of the whole poem. This line catches the reader’s attention right from the start since it is repeated. The author purposely structured his poem in such a way to repeat the important aspects of his poem. To get the message across, the author repeats that one line in the beginning to show how no one should let the day pass them by. Every moment is precious and therefore should not be wasted. This is exactly the point Dylan Thomas is making to his readers. “Do not” let the sun set on the “night” as the moon prepares to shine. …

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