Daniel Segura PGS 101 10-22-99 Poggendorff Illusion This simulation I enjoyed partly because it was easy to do and clearly understandable. Perceptual illusions involve consistent errors in the perception of objective reality. It is believed that the study of illusions will help us to understand Fundamental operations of perceptual systems. Line- based illusions involve misperceptions regarding line length, angle or position, and there are a number of accounts as to why line-based illusions exist (Gilliam 210-215). The Poggendorf illusion is one of the most famous distortion illusions known. Although much has been written about its discovery in 1860, the underlying mechanism that’s gives rise to this effect is still not well understood (215). An adequate explanation of the Poggendorf illusion is a perceptual error, although people may learn strategies which enable them to overcome perceptual errors. While overestimating acute angles occurs in some distortion illusions, it does not fully explain what is going on in the Poggendorf illusion (210). The Poggendorf illusion is game on perception. The box in the center and be adjusted narrow or wider, I found my perception of the line was greatly improved as the box became narrower. As the line adjusted from a thirty to forty-five then to a sixty degree angle my accuracy decreased. It is hypothesised that, over all illusions, the magnitude of errors will be reduced after pratice. So the more you practice the better you become at accurately placing the line in the correct position on the other side. Bibliography Referance: Gilliam, Barbara, 1971. “A depth processing theory of the Poggendorff illusion,” Perception & Psychophysics, 10, 211-216. …

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