Portland Labor Market Area

Portland Labor Market AreaWe had several areas to choose from and I selected the Portland Labor Market Area ? so I only included the data for that area; if it helps, I could also provide the data for the other region if needed. This is just the first section of the assignment as I can easily do the second one (preparing a PP presentation) without help. Please make just sure that attached tables are not only in Adobe, so I can edit them.ASSIGNMENT:SPSS files with the data for each region are available in the Assignment 7 folder. Each file contains the same variables; the variable and value labels are included.Also included is the survey instrument. This was a random sample household survey conducted in each region in 2000 and 2001. Approximately 400 responses were obtained in each region; all regions had populations <100,000.Prepare a report addressing the questions below. You should answer all questions in Part 1 and choose which question in Part 2 to answer. You may use whatever analytic approaches you think are appropriate to answer the questions, though you should not rely solely on frequencies. You should note tests of statistical significance and sampling issues when appropriate.You may use whatever variables you think address the questions. You are NOT required to use every variable in the data set.Provide a report draft showing the tables for your analysis and a brief synopsis of the findings. This draft is to check for choice of appropriate analysis and variables, along with appropriate measures of statistical significance and interpretation of the data. This phase of the analysis may use the tables from SPSS in a Word document.Data NotesMissing values are not defined for the variables. You should define missing values where you think appropriate for your analysis.The ?J1? designator in the variable names refers to the first job the respondent indicates. For single job holders this is their only job. For multiple job holders, this is their primary source of income. This exercise deals only with J1.Part I Answer all of these:Holding multiple jobs is of often taken as a sign of economic weakness. How common is multiple job holding? Who is most likely to hold multiple jobs: men or women?Which employee benefits are most commonly offered for the sample as a whole? What are the differences among different job types?Another labor market condition that is often seen as a weakness is involuntary part time work. How big a problem is this in the region? (Note ?part time? means both less than 35 hours of week and less than a full year.A reason that people often give for looking for a different job is that they want a shorter commute. Do people who are actively looking for a different job indicate this is a major reason, and are they likely to have a noticeably longer commute to work than those who are not?Part 2Getting additional education is seen as a key component of workforce development. If efforts were to be made to increase the number of people in the workforce going back to school for additional education and training, to whom should they be targeted?It is frequently said that jobs are more and more insecure, and that people are losing ?good jobs? from companies closing down or shutting facilities and permanently laying off workers. Is this a serious issue in the region? Are those with less education more vulnerable to layoffs? Are those with less education less likely to find a better job and more likely to take longer to find a new job? Are older workers less likely to find a better job? [Hint: you may want to collapse some variables into fewer categories to do this analysis.]Additional Information from Email correspondence with the professor:Me:?My question at the moment is what ?part-time? means. You write that it also means less than a full year. There are several questions in the survey asking how long they have had their job. So, if someone was hired into a full-time job 10 months ago, is that still considered only part-time?And even before that: I understand that whose primary job is in being self-employed and their second/ additional job(s) is/ are being employed, they are not counted in the answers about working multiple jobs. Is that sufficient if I mention this in my report??Response from Professor:?Part time is less than 35 hours per week or less than 52 weeks a year. (There are some exceptions to the 52 weeks criterion; teachers normally work 39 weeks but are considered full time).Yes to the second. The reason for the distinction is that a lot of people have second jobs that are self- employment but we wanted to know about the conditions like benefits available for multiple jobs that involve an employer.?!

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