Positive behavior supportPOSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT 2The art of teaching does not just entail making students excel in their academics but italso entails teaching students the art of excelling in their social and personal development. Thepedagogic initiatives aimed at enhancing the development of independence of thought and socialcultural development are the ones most suitable for students with problematic behaviors. One ofthe initiatives applied in positive behavioral support for students with problem behaviors is thereplacement of the problem behavior with skills and tasks that build on the student?s social skills,communication skills and independence. This entails replacement of the problem behavior withtasks that substitutes the problem behavior for example; for students who find it hard completingtheir assignments in time, the teacher may opt to substitute the assignments for guidedassignments in the classroom in Order to make the assignments simpler when the students isprovided with assistance. For students who love making noise in the classroom the teacher mayopt to replace the behavior with interactive learning where the students have the chance ofreplacing the problematic behavior with constructive and interactive learning (Freeman et al,Many types of problematic behaviors by students are replaceable with alternativeactivities that enhance the academic and social personal development of students. Manyalternate beahoiurs are used in the learning to replace problematic behaviors. Alternate behaviorshave the reinforcing effect of making the students shun their problem behaviors, participation ofthe student in the activity meant to replace the alternate behavior makes the students to graduallyshun the problematic behavior and engage effectively in learning. It is important to understandthe problem behaviors in order for the teacher to design the best alternate behavior or task toreplace with the problematic behavior.Experts atmidcoursecan help you with this and more. Visit our website today to order for this and more essays.

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