Poststructuralist theorists

Poststructuralist theoristsPoststructuralist theorists have argued that labels (eg ?female?, ?heterosexual?, ?Asian?, ?abnormal?, ?fat?) do not simply describe already-existing empirical entities: rather, they constitute identity and difference in contextually sYou need to choose 2 labels, i.e. fat and gay, and Discuss (check for the help you need) the ways in which labeling people in these ways actually constitutes their identities.Outlining theories of the body is fine if you intend to Discuss (check for the help you need) the label of ?fat?, but on its own, this does little to provide an argument about identity. Consider revising the plan and outlining precisely what each paragraph will do in terms of theory, in terms of Discuss (check for the help you need)ion, and in terms of specific examples.Make sure that you engage with at least 5 academic texts (2 of which should be from the unit reader or the list of further readings).Do not use Wikipedia as an academic reference

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