Practical Application Questions

Practical Application QuestionsFor a truck 12m long having sides 3.75m high and roof 2.5m wide evaluate:1.Boundary layer thickness variation along its length2.Location of transition point from laminar to turbulent flow3.Total frictional resistance on the roof and two sides.Carry out the calculation for speeds of 20km/h and 100km/hrHow does the boundary layer thickness affect heat transfer coefficient along the truck length for a refrigerated truck??Both heat pipes and heat pumps have evaporators (where boiling takes place) and condensers (where condensation takes place).?Compare typical heat transfer rate per unit surface area of heat pipes with an equivalent solid copper pipe.?What is a typical COP value of a heat pump? Comment on its suitability for use for space heating and water heating applications.?Compare the hourly running costs of home heating using:?A gas heater?A 5 star rated heat pump/reverse cycle air conditionerORDERR THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT

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