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Inem is a short story written by Pramoedya Anata Toer. He was a Indonesian short story writter and a novel writer born in a village called Blora. Blora was the village in short story where (Gus Muk) his mom and Inems family lived in. The author refers to his culture and events about his life in the story. His father in real life is a activist who ruined his family by obsessive gambling. Pramoedya writes alot of Indonesian literature. The aspects of culture in Inem? is the tradition of child marriages. In some parts of the world childPramoedya Anata Toer marriages was a tradition. Girls at a young age were supposed to marry an older boy. The story also shows the reader some of the cultural aspects such as popular entertainment and dances in her area. The characters in the story are Gus Muk (age6) a boy also the narrator who basically trails Inems life. Inems father who is a criminal and gambles alot her mother who lives off batik work and helps the family and Markaban (age17) who is Inem?s husband. Lastly theres Inem (age 8) a so called beatiful girl in the neighbor hood who had great manners. Inem is in search of happiness with her new life and husband but ends up being a beaten divorcee. Overview/summary It?s a story told in second person perspective about a beautiful young girl (Inem) who is a servant to a boy (Gus Muk) and his mother. In the story Inem is so beautiful and respectful and able to do many things but is only eight years old and Gus Muk is six. Eventually her mother found a man named Markaban who is seventeen years old. Her mom did not want to let this marriage go so she wants Inem to get married so she can help her familly at home. Inems family and the husband family both accept the marriage. Inem?s father was a criminal who robbed people in the forest but was never arrested. Inems mother had a talk with Gus Muk?s mother to try and get her to come home. The boys mother disapproves of the marriage and does not want Inem to go on with this. Gus Muk?s mom said ? It?s not right to make children mary repeatedly.? Inems mother said that it would be a shame for her not to be married at such a old age. Inem was later taken home to prepare for her wedding day. Gus Muk?s mom did not want him playing with Inem but that did not stop him from going over to play. The day before the wedding Gus Muk sent her family five kilos of rice and twenty-five cents as a gift. The day of her wedding came and everything was going well the house was decorated the tajuban dancing girls was the entertainment and finally Inem and her husband get married. Inem was officially married and worked with her mom making batik. Every night Gus Muk and his mother listen to screaming and crying when Inems husband wrestles with her. She comes crying to Gus Muks mom and tells her that Markaban beats her and she tells her to go back home and serve Markaban faithfully. Inem comes back again but finally divorced with her husband and asks if Gus Muks mother can taker her back but Gus Muks mom denies her request and sends her back home. Inem gets beaten by anyone who wanted to her family and neighbors could because she was a burden to the family. Although she cries and screams she never came back to Gus Muk?s house.”

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