Print journalism

Print journalismHow valid is the distinction between ?broadsheet? and ?tabloid? as a way of describing the complexity of the contemporary news industry? Discuss with reference to the coverage of one news event. For this question you are provided with some of the front page coverage in The Daily Telegraph (9 August 2011) of the London riots and an extract from an interview with David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, in The Guardian (15 August 2011) in the aftermath of these events. Compare and contrast each article?s treatment of the story by considering the images and written text. Category E ? Advertising ?The aim of advertising is to create connection between brand and individual and to do so with amazing simplicity.? How far do you agree? You should support your answer with evidence drawn from a range of advertisements (including, if you wish, those provided for Question For this question you are provided with two advertisements, one from the Guardian Weekend magazine and one from The Observer Magazine (both September 2011) for Microsoft Office 2010. Through a close analysis of images and written text, examine the messages conveyed by these advertisements in their promotion of the product.!

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