The Treatment of the Prisoners in the Concentration Camps The topic that I plan to focus on in my research paper is treatment inside different concentration camps during the Holocaust. I plan to focus on three different camps, but I have not narrowed down my choices yet. I intend to explore the different treatment inside the three camps and compare how the prisoners survived in each situation. Who was placed inside these camps? Did the treatment differ based on which kind of prisoner you were? Did political prisoners get treated differently than regular Jewish prisoners? How was the life inside one camp compared against another? How many people survived? What went on inside these camps? What did they do inside? How did people react outside the walls to what was going on inside? Did they even know what was going on inside? What measures could have been taken to change the amount of suffering that occurred inside the camps? How can we ensure that this will not reoccur? I plan to use the surface information that I know about life inside the concentration camps and build on it. My main reason for researching this paper is not for a good grade on my research skills, but for a greater knowledge about a subject that I find fascinating. …

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