Progress Report Assignment

Progress ReportAs a manager of a department at your dream company, you are in charge of a very important project. You are asked by theDistrict Manager to keep him/her informed on the progress of your project each month. Write the report in a memo format(The subject line should say ?April Progress Report? for the Name of Your Project) using and responding to the followingheadings:? Purpose and background (what is your project specifically, and where are you at in terms of the timeline)Example: The purpose of this report is to inform you of the progress on the XYZ project. This project began (whenever itbegan) and is scheduled for completion (whenever it is scheduled for completion)NOTE: The project should be about a six month project. The report is for a specific month in the project, which meansthat the month needs to have passed. For instance, if your date on the progress report is May 1, 2015 then the reportshould be for the month of April, 2015. I would like you to be two months into the project (in other words, this is yoursecond monthly report for this project).o Work completed for April: Be very specific here with dates and accomplishments; use bullet points for easierreadingo Problems & possible solutions: List various problems; don?t forget to address each problem with possible solutionsor at least how you are dealing with the problem currently (you can do this as a table or as subheadings)o Work scheduled for rest of project: List all the upcoming work for the rest of the project, month by month; usebulleting under each month for easier readingo Questions: List any questions that you have for the person you are sending the report to; also include anyquestions that you are sending to other people involved in the projectPlace this order with us and get 18% discount now! to earn your discount enter this code: summer17 If you need assistance chat with us now by clicking the live chat button.

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