Project 2: Ethnography

Project 2: EthnographyThe second qualitative project is an ethnography. This method is designed to allow the researcher to make observations about a group of people in a social settingover a period of time. The focus of the research question should have a communication angle to it. For example, how does the formality of a setting, the library vsOliver?s or the gym for example, affect communication patterns of students or faculty/staff? Are there differences between males and females and the way in which theyinteract with their instructors? How does the nature of the lecture setting impact on the behavior of a class? The research project should take the form of a formal journal report. It must include a description of the group of individuals you intend to observe, what role youintend to take, what setting you have chosen and how you intend to access it. In total, you must include analysis of a minimum of 4 different observational timeperiods of a minimum of 30 minutes each. You will work in your lab group to define the setting, role and observational categories you intend on using over the next three weeks as well as how to code yourfield notes. Each week your TA will give you feedback on your work. The final report should be a 5-6 double spaced page report of your findings. Use a report format that includes an introduction, methodology, findings/discussion andconclusion section. Use APA style for formatting of the report. Include as an appendix the coded project field notes.:

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