Project descriptionI would like to get a high mark for this assignment thanks.??????????????????-Assessment item #3 (major assignment)Assessment item #3Major writing assignment: portfolio of work.Value: 40%Summary:You?ll come up with ?1. 400 words: an idea for a new publication2. 400 words: a cover letter applying for a job as a ?staff writer? on your own publication3. 1000-word article4. 1200-word articleTotal: 3000 words.NB. Remember not to submit more than 10% above or below the word limit, otherwise you will be penalised. Ie. No more than 3300 words, and no less than 2700 words.Task:Publication idea:Come up with an idea for a publication you?d like to read. Present your idea like a short business report. Include the following sections:? Proposed name of publication? Frequency of publication? Type of publication (online/print magazine/newspaper/zine)? Target audience? Justification for idea (why it?s a good idea, why there?s a market for it, and what it will added that?s ?new?)? Suggested price and/or subscription feeCover letter:Produce a professional writing document: a cover letter applying for a job of staff writer on the publication you?ve proposed.Form your letter in response to an ad that details the following:Staff writerRESPONSIBILITIES:? Able to participate and contribute ideas in brainstorming activities for upcoming issues;? Decide on themes or subjects for written work, conduct research into the subject, conceptualise/assemble background material and obtain other necessary data;? Plan and create appropriate articles, segments, features, etc., based on topics given by higher editors;? Conduct interviews and write articles; and? Conduct extensive research of source materials to obtain and verify facts; analyse sources for accuracy of information.REQUIREMENTS:? Candidate must be pursuing a higher degree, or have graduated with bachelor?s degree from a reputable university.? Applicants should have EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION SKILLS.We are looking for young, dynamic, committed and very talented individuals who have the passion for work, with excellent communication skills.Please note that only qualified applicants will be notified.1000-word and 1200-word articles:Choose from the following genres covered in class and produce two professional-length pieces of writing, ready for publication:? Feature writing? Profile writing? Memoir writing? Travel writing? Humour writingBoth pieces should include a headline, a sell and a by-line.Tip: it?s always advised that you leave yourself enough time to have a second set of eyes look over your work. Ensure you perform a thorough proofread of your work, too.

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