Project Design Report-individual

Project Design Report-individualThe hospitality industry comprises diverse and varied functions and scale of operations. Some organisationsmay be single function business enterprise such as catering organisation. Others may be larger with multiplebusiness units; as in hotels that provide accommodations, food and beverage services and eventsmanagement. Even in the single business organisations there are multi layers of critical activities that integrateto effectively deliver the objectives of the operations. These critical activities hold strategic importance to theorganisations? performance.The main objective of this report is to provide students with an opportunity to develop problem solving andstrategic project management skills.In this assignment, your task is to complete a project plan for a hospitality based project of your choice. Pleasenote that the project will have to significant enough to warrant a detailed plan. You should Discuss (check for the help you need) your projectconcept with your lecturer prior to deciding on a project.Key Assignment criteriaProject idea and conceptualisationBackground and need for the projectProject scopeProject benefitsProject objectives (SMART) related to project scope and benefitsKey Stakeholders identifiedWBS ? Graph and TableNetwork diagram and CPMGantt chartAllocation of resources and budgetsCritical and factual risk assessmentConclusionsA clear and well-structured plan, demonstrates logical thinking.Demonstrated knowledge of project management principlesDemonstrated ability to think creatively s

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