Project PlanScenario:You are n

Project PlanScenario:You are newly appointed project manager and as a part of your role you have been asked to develop a project plan for a project of your choice. You will need to assess the business case and provide evidence to show efficient planning of the project. You should:? Describe the background of the project management principles, create project scope, aims and objectives and scope, time, cost parameters.? Appraise the viability of the project by developing criteria for success/failure and application of appropriate project management tools and techniques.? Recommend a suitable organizational structure, team roles and responsibilities and other human resources requirements of the project.? Plan a prepare process to establish the project organization by applying processes for project monitoring and control using scheduling, estimating and cost control techniques.? Use relevant project tools, techniques and graphic representation of data like bar charts and networks to highlight measures used for project performance.? Evaluate key elements involved in execution of the project and post project appraisals.TASK 1:you are required to generate a project plane charter, identify stakeholders, develop a project management plan, create a SMART project Scope, define and sequence activities and estimate resources. Also develop a Human Resources plan. Identify criteria for success/ failure of the project.Project charter:Develop a summary paragraph that formally authorizes a project and documents initial requirements of the project.Stakeholders:Identify all people or organizations impacted by the project, aspects regarding their interests, involvement, and impact on project success.Project management plan:List the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate, and coordinate all subsidiary plans, MINIMUM 10 actions.Scope:Order for your custom written PAPER now!

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