promotion of health

promotion of healthProject instructions:linked item Week 1 DiscussionJournaling has been shown to have a dramatic effect on the promotion of health. Post your responses to at least two of the questions below, then engage at least two of your online colleagues in a discussion about his/her responses by responding to their posts. Therefore, you should have at least one original posting and one response to each of two colleagues. Please note that your postings and responses must be ?substantive? which means that they are to be made AFTER you have read the assigned material. In your postings and responses you should cite from the reading/readings. Also, please note that your Discussion Board assignments are worth a significant part of your grade in the course, therefore, you are expected to put thought and effort into these entries.Do you recommend journaling to your patients? If not, why not?Would you take a pill that had the same proven efficacy of journaling on a health condition?Have you discussed any CAM intervention with a patient in the last month?Do you feel it is part of your professional responsibility to educate yourself in the major CAM modalities?Original post will be due by Wednesday 2359 and the two responses to peers due by Sunday 2359 of Week 1.An APA in-text citation is required in your original discussion posting.Here is a link for citing sources in APA from the UTA library. Examples for in-text and reference citations:!

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