PROVINCIAL AMERICA AND AN EMPIRE IN TRANSITION.ContentReading Assignment ? Class Two .. Provincial America ? A Mini-Lecture .Listen to a mini-lecture from your instructor. Empire in Transition ? Mini-Lecture .Listen to a mini-lecture from your instructor. Common Sense ? A Supplementary Reading .Common Sense or Drivel?. Assignment # 4 ? Provincial America and an Empire in Transition .Answer each of the following questions based on the information in your text and other sources as well. Normally, you will need at least two or three paragraphs toanswer each question correctly.1. By the mid-eighteenth century, colonial life in the New England colonies and the South had begun to differ widely. Describe at least three differences betweenNew England and Southern colonial society.2. Why was population growing so rapidly in America? What were the consequences of this rapid population growth?3. Describe how slavery developed and entrenched itself in the British North American colonies. Include a Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of how racist ideologies developed. Describethe conditions upon a slave ship.4. What effect did the French and Indian War have on the coming of the American Revolution? In general, what issues affecting the colonies did Parliament have toaddress following the French and Indian War, and why did it adopt those policies?5. Select any four colonial leaders and explain the specific role each played in the coming of the American Revolution.6. Primary Source Analysis ? After reading ?Virginian Patrick Henry Warns the British to Maintain Liberties, 1775? in ?Major Problems? answer the followingquestions. Who is the intended audience? What assumptions does Henry make in this document?

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