A Day in my Life: An Analysis of Social Psychology As I sit in my apartment, waiting for my friend Heather to pick me up, I begin to feel very frustrated. It is neither the first nor the second time, for that matter, that she has been late. In fact, she has been late so many times that I have lost count. She used to make external attributions for her constant inability to be punctual, such as telling me that her alarm clock broke or that her mother called her just as she was about to leave. Once she even externally attributed her tardiness on a dog attacking her right before she left to come and pick me up, but she looked fine and had no wounds on her, so I started to wonder. I slowly began to realize that all of the external attributions that she had been making as excuses were not truly valid, and so I began to make an internal attribution for her behavior. In other words, I stopped attributing her behavior to external factors and realized that that is just the way that she is. Thus, I was able to distinguish between external and internal attributions in order to accurately judge the character of my friend. As I am sitting there waiting for her to pick me up, my mind wanders, and I start to think back to the time that I first became friends with Heather. We became friends mainly due to proximity. To be honest, I did not really like Heather very much when I first met her. She seemed to be rude and snobby to me, and I just did not get a good feeling from her. However, due to the fact that she lived next door to me and that our mothers were good friends, I saw her on a regular, frequent basis, and so, due to the mere exposure effect, I gradually began to like her. Thus, due to proximity and the mere exposure effect, just because we lived close to each other and saw each other frequently, I began to like Heather and became friends with her. The sound of Heathers horn outside interrupted my thoughts; she had f…

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