psychological assessments

psychological assessmentsCan psychological assessments that help identify resilient personality traits predict desistence from offendingProject description? developmental pathways to antisocial behaviour/conduct disorder and violence<br />? Desistence from violence.<br />? Discussion of Resilience literature and influence on youth violence <br />? Discussions around the SAVRY and use with young people to predict violence<br />? Discussion of the resilient personality protective factor within SAVRY and the factors within this, Anecdotally reported as the factors most difficult to assess/gauge by practitioners (building a rationale).<br />? Brief overviews of WASI/TCI/Spatial Planning/DGT/STAIC and YPI as assessments of the resilient personality that may be sought or performed by the practitioners completing SAVRY in order to support assessment.<br />? Looking at whether factors/assessments of resilient personality traits demonstrate influence on desistance from violent offending in youth. <br /><br />With the research question of whether psychological assessments that help identify resilient personality traits can predict desistence from offending?!

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